Lori Rowe

Michael David was a gift from the universe, I dialed him on accident looking for a collector to pay an outstanding bill and instead of say “sorry, wrong #” he gave me so much valuable advice instead! I wasn’t a client (yet..wink) however he took HIS time to help me and I owe it to him to share this with all of you! Michael has a beautiful heart!

Lori Rowe

General Bar

We have known Michael David for decades, and are proud to do business with him.  Mr. David is very professional in his dealings with General Bar law firms.  His attention to detail and his concern for his customers is notable.  Our clients highly value their relationship with Allied National, and have for years.   

Please feel free to reach out to us if you need further information.

Chuck Sonnhalter

General Bar
Cleveland, OH

Chuck Sonnhalter

General Bar

Robert Federighi Design

Allied National came through when we’d run out of options.  Within less than 30 days, the outstanding ($41000.00)  multi thousand dollar debtor finally contacted us and paid his bill.  That might not have happened without the due diligence of Will P. and his team and their gentle but consistent communications with the client.

Pell Kennedy

Project Manager / Event Coordinator, Robert Federighi Design

WorkSquare, Miami FL

Good morning all,
We did receive the check for $7,000 in today’s mail.  Thank you all once again for doing such an excellent job on this claim.  There is no way we would have been able to collect anything from our client without your help.
All the very best,
Ian S. James

President, WorkSquare

IBI Group, New York

Well, if I was to look out the window and see a big fat PIG fly by, I wouldn’t be surprised.  Because you have proven that MIRACLES DO HAPPEN. Thanks for all your efforts.

Susan Wright

Director of Finance, IBI Group, New York

Karin (Doll-Nicholls) Griffin

In times of desperation, not knowing where to turn and if anyone really cares, there is MICHAEL DAVID of Allied National.
After only 2 rings, a ‘real’ human picks up the phone and cordially, genuinely….listens. In the background you hear silence, as though this man is sitting in his quiet home office focused on your every word. He really cared as he warmly asked questions, establishing whether or not he and his company could be of assistance.
Sadly, when he concluded he could not, he proceeded to offer me ‘direction’ and mapped out a plan for me to execute in hopes of retrieving my funds from a scam.
Karin (Doll-Nicholls) Griffin, Los Angeles

DHR International

Please excuse this delay in thanking you for the work you did for us. We appreciated the prompt replies and follow ups you have provided. We were very satisfied with the results. Thank you once again.

Elizabeth Vasquez

A/R Coordinator/Collections, DHR International


A Note of Thanks

The creditor  has paid his $48,000.00 bill in full via a direct wire transfer. No need to proceed any further with this one, please consider the claim closed.

Thanks again. Amazing that you managed to do it so quickly. I’ll be keeping your name on file for the future.

Steve Small

CADtek, Ontario Canada


 I would like to take a few minutes to thank you for taking the time to speak with us and really break down our options with this case. I had called a few different companies in the New York area and spoke to a few of them but you guys really went the extra step. Thanks for that 5* Star support, Michael.

Managing Director, GAPSA, Graduate and Professional Student Assembly - University of Pennsylvania

Design AAID

Thank you for recommending next steps in addressing our collection issue. The friendly letter I wrote to the client two weeks ago requesting payment worked. The check arrived this morning. Being nice does pay off. More importantly, thank you again so very much for spending your valuable time with me over the phone. I do have peace of mind knowing that I have a team of good people willing and capable of helping us.

Andrea Harris, President

Design AIDD Architecture, DPC, New York, NY 10001


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Collecting commercial debts is all about setting achievable goals and attaining quality outcomes with measurable results.

Michael T. David

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