Our Expertise…

Allied National’s nationwide & international debt collection consultancy provides the supportive measures our clients need to  achieve positive outcomes in collecting debts.

Our nationwide network of agents and correspondents will conduct a comprehensive case evaluation to locate real estate holdings, banking relationships, employment, sources of income and revenue, and liquid assets. Consequently, we will determine if there is an expectation of collecting the claim.

Debt Collection: Stage I

First of all, the objective is  to conduct a free, no obligation, case evaluation:

1. Is the debtor still operating as a going concern?
2. Is the individual credit worthy?
3. Is the claim less that one year old / past due?
4. Is there documentation to support the claim?

Hence, the claims that have these critical elements, will have a plausible expectation of a positive outcome.

Debt Collection: Stage 2

Collection Procedures by Way of Our Agents and Correspondents

  • Demand letter sent within 48 hours of placement.
  • Follow up call and email made within 1 to 4 days of initial demand.
  • Seek the cooperation and voluntary payment from all debtors at all times during our collection efforts
  •  Collection platform consists of letters, emails, faxes, telephone calls.
  • Strict compliance with the FDCPA / Fair Debt Collection Practices Act & FCRA / Fair Credit Reporting Act
  • Status of all collection activity is available within 24 hours.
  • In field collection and site inspections are done on a case by case basis at an extra charge.

Contingency Fees

In accordance with contemporaneous industry standards, contingency fees will be in the range of 25% to 33.3%.

In the event it becomes necessary to seek the assistance of the courts, we will present those fees and charges separately. No legal actions will be taken without the approval of the client.

If the claims are missing any of the 4 key elements listed above, the ability to achieve a positive outcome is questionable and the contingency fees will be determined on a case by case basis.

*Skips, 2nd placements or companies no longer operating as a going concern are subject to higher fees.



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Collecting commercial debts is all about setting achievable goals and attaining quality outcomes with measurable results.

Michael T. David

Managing Director, Allied National Inc.