Olympia, Washington State Capital

Olympia, Washington State Capital

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  • Location: Pacific Standard Time Zone
  • Population: 7,405,743
  • Capital: Olympia
  • Largest Cities:
    • Seattle 724,745
    • Spokane 217,108
    • Tacoma 213,418
    • Vancouver 175,673
    • Bellevue 144,444
    • Kent 128,458
    • Everett 110,079
    • Renton 101,379
    • Spokane Valley 97,847
    • Federal Way 96,690
  • Statute of limitations on open accounts-6 years; written contracts-6 years, domestic judgments-10 years (renewable);
  • Interest rate: Legal rate 12%; Judgment rate 12%;
  • NSF Check -Interest rate specified in instrument or, if no specified rate, 12% interest plus collection costs up to $40. If taken to court, reasonable attorney fees, three times value or up to $800. Now have 6 years to enforce.
  • Wage Garnishments: Greater of 75% or $206 wk. (30 x state min. hourly wage)

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