We collect judgments nationwide

You prevailed in the courts and were awarded a judgment. The next step is to collect it! We have the experience to do just that throughout all 50 States.

The United States is made up of 50 States with over 3,000 counties. To enforce and collect on a judgment it is carried out by the county sheriff’s.  We have established a nationwide network of law firms that have expetise to represent us and our client

We will conduct the following process.

1. conduct a free case evaluation to determine if there is a plausible expectation of a positive outcome
2. First we determine if the judgment debtor is operating as a going concern and still in business
3. We search for real estate holdings
4. Personal property, Vehicles, Machinery, Accounts Recievables,Royalties, Intellectual Property
5. Garnish banks and brokerage accounts
6. Wages and salaries on consumer claims

Fees are negotiable and  contingent upon collection. Schedule a free consultaton.